Wondering how you can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine?

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Initial Appointment:

An initial appointment lasts 1-1.5 hours. The visit includes a comprehensive naturopathic intake, physical exam, review of labs, and initial treatment plan. An incredibly thorough intake and diagnostic work-up is completed to determine underlying causes of disease. Initial treatment recommendations include conventional laboratory testing, specialty laboratory testing when indicated, and natural therapeutics to initiate the healing process.

Initial Appointment: 1-1.5 hours- $250


Follow Up Appointment: 

Follow-ups typically last 30- 45 minutes but can vary in time depending upon the needs of the patient. At follow-ups patients are guided on a personalized program which meets their unique health needs so they can begin to feel well again. This program is an ongoing journey that can change as an individual is brought back to health.

Follow-up: 30-45 minutes- $150


Payment Plan Options for Discounted Follow-Ups:

  • Sign up for 3 months of appointments @ $135 per appointment each month
  • Sign up for 6 months of appointments @ $120 per appointment each month

-Includes one FREE 15-minute Phone Check In appointment


*Some insurance plans, like HMSA PPO, reimburse patients for appointments.  Your visit may be eligible for reimbursement. A superbill with necessary codes can be provided to the patient to submit for reimbursement. Please call your insurance provider to determine your eligibility for reimbursement of visits and lab fees. Dr. Kushner does not bill insurance directly and is paid at the time of service.